Frequently Asked Questions

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Our interview process is typically conducted in three stages (*):
  • An introductory phone interview with a member of our Talent Acquisition team.
  • A meeting with the Hiring Manager, either in person or over the phone.
  • Interview panel with a broader group of potential colleagues and stakeholders.

*We tailor all our interviews to the opportunity we're looking to fill, so your interview experience may look a bit different!

We want you to meet our team so you can expect both one-on-one and panel video interviews. A panel interview typically consists of two people for one hour. In total, we usually set up three to five interviews per session. Some roles require more than one interview day before a final decision.

Just your questions! You don't need to bring anything to the interview. We will provide all the panelists with a copy of your resume.

For candidates we ask to travel for in-person interviews your recruiting coordinator will assist you with travel arrangements and we will cover the costs of your travel and hotel expenses.

We recommend checking out the Americans for Prosperity Newsroom and Action Center for up to date information on the great strides we’re making across the country. You’ll also find press releases and statements from our leadership team and ways to get involved locally! We also recommend following us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about the impact our teams are having and even connect to your local state teams, via our homepage, to learn more about their priority issues.

Incredibly fulfilling! We are a mission driven team and many of us are motivated by the real impact we’re having on society. We highly recommend you ask each person you meet what inspires them most about working here and get ready for some very moving personal stories.

We do not offer a formal relocation package, if you relocate to this area, we consider the cost of relocation as part of our offer and often provide compensation to cover anticipated expenses.

We trust our employees to use judgment about their day, so we have a dress for your day dress policy. On interview days we typically dress in business or business casual attire.

We have a very competitive suite of benefits for our employees. Check out our Benefits page for more information.

The questions we'll ask depend on the role and experiences you bring to the table! That said, our organization interviews using a Situation, Behavior, Outcomes (SBO's) approach. These questions seek to understand a relevant situation from your past, actions within that situation, and the outcomes. We use this type of questioning because we believe past behavior is the best predictor of future performance.

We are a mission-driven community of professionals. We believe that our most successful teammates posses a balance of passion for the work they do and the mission we're all working towards, so you should prepare for questions about how our vision aligns with your motivations. Our approach to philanthropy is unique and focused on a bottom-up approach to solving some of our country's most significant issues. We realize these questions might seem unusual in a job interview, so we make sure to provide you with materials that will help you better understand who we are and our approach to social change. If you're ever confused about why we're asking you something, please let us know, and we'll be happy to explain further.

We're glad you asked! You'd be surprised how often we get this question! You'd be more surprised by the number of folks who don't ask and get it wrong.