Since our founding in 2004, Americans for Prosperity has been driven by a core belief: every person has unique gifts that enable them to realize their American Dream if they have the freedom and opportunity to do so. 

Our mission is to empower every American to pursue their version of the American Dream. 

That’s why Americans for Prosperity built a grassroots movement made up of millions of Americans advancing solutions that promote freedom and opportunity for all.

We are concerned citizens leading America towards reaching its full potential. From Florida to Alaska and everywhere in between, millions of our fellow Americans volunteer their time and passion to join with us to bring change, hope, and a better way forward.

We carry out this mission by:

  • Providing policy solutions based on proven principles to the most critical challenges our country faces 
  • Organizing within communities to bring people together on common causes 
  • Advocating for policy reforms and elevate voices of concerned citizens to public officials 
  • Educating and inform concerned citizens about latest developments on the issues that matter most to them 
  • Working with policy champions to achieve policy reforms that expand freedom and opportunity 
  • Holding public officials accountable when their actions do not represent the best interests of Americans 

Our infrastructure elevates the voices of people across the country to advocate the principles and policies of a free and open society.

We invite you to join us and the millions of voices across the country who are committed to empowering every American to realize their American Dream and move our country forward together.